Welcome to WAHEP (Work At Home Equipment Provider)! This website was created to provide work at home agents with a one stop shop for all their work at home equipment needs.

We know most people spend tireless days searching for the right work at home equipment, and our products have been carefully selected to make that choice easier for you. Whether you’ve been working from home for years, or you’re new to the work at home arena, WAHEP certainly has what you’re looking for. We’ve helped many work at home agents and virtual call centers over the last few years, and our expertise is in providing you with the right equipment that will allow you to perform your skill set at your very best.

You’ll receive equipment that’s been thoroughly tested and is proven to be a great fit for anyone working from their home office. You’ll find computers, dial-pads, monitors, keyboards and we have much more to come.

Since all of our refubished equipment has been quality tested and certified, when you purchase from WAHEP, you should rest assured knowing you’ve found an excellent deal on quality work at home products. 

We strive to exceed the technical requirements of any work at home position you choose, so upgrade your home office with one of WAHEP‘s awesome computer bundles today!